Shrima Associates is an Engineering company (Unregistered) renamed in the year 2004 (Earlier the construction was done in the personal name, started in the year 1989), housed at 30 Sri Aurobindo Street, Pondicherry -1.The company involves in constructing the residential as well as the commercial & industrial buildings at various towns. The company has 2 partners (1) Er. S.Somasundaram, B.E(Civil), M.Tech(Civil), M.B.A., D.C.M., F.I.V looks after the technical part of the company. He involves in the planning, designing and construction of the building. (2) Ms. E.Bharathi, M.B.A., is administrating the company and its clients.

In the year 1989, it worked with the Teachers Association to form a layout with roads and drainage works at Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram. Later it constructed nearly 25 residential buildings. In 1990 an innovatively designed Thirumanamandapam was constructed along with the residential buildings. Similarly in 1991 a huge Tiles Manufacturing industry was also constructed at Karaikal. From 1997 onwards, it is undertaking construction works at Pondicherry and set an office at Pondicherry. Later the company entered the field of Interior Decors and catered the requirements of their clients.

Our company promotes individual houses at Chennai. Not only in Pondicherry, the company undertakes works in Chennai, Chidambaram, Virudhachalam, Neyveli and other places in and around Pondicherry. Now the On-Going Projects at Sethumadai, Foot Hills of Western Ghats, The Heritage Village, amounts to nearly 6 Crores Project & the proposed similar project is to be done at Aliyar, the Foot Hills of Vaalparai, the Western Ghats. Also a consultancy is going on in a Pharmaceutical Company located at Puducherry. The company carries the vision to cater high quality. It takes a lot of skills to design and construct but has a track record of 25 years. The company constantly endeavors to satisfy customer needs with the best possible quality.

Personal Profile of Er. S.Somasundaram

Er. S.Somasundaram offers multidisciplinary professional Consultancy & Construction Services. As a consultant, he provides civil, architectural and structural engineering design to a broad spectrum of clients in India. He is a native of Puducherry and has been providing consultancy services since 1989. He has a vast experience and a proven track record for reliability, planning designs that are cost-efficient and cost-effective and easily maintainable. The credibility of performance has been built upon strong foundations of professional ethics, professional integrity, social responsibility and a reputation for excellence.

He is a client focused and client based consultant & contractor, dedicated in providing cost-effective solutions to his clients. He has maintained long-term relationships with his clients because of the ability to provide comprehensive services suited to their SERVICESs and requirements. The high levels of satisfaction and confidence his clients place in him is borne out by the repetitive orders they place with him.

Services Provided By Him

He has a successful history of working with projects that have tight program requirements. Having dealt with various clients and their varied requirements has given him a wide experience and knowledge of keeping rigid management controls on all the services.

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